Roof Inspections

Serving Johns Creek & greater Atlanta, GA

At Micron Construction Services we perform all types of commercial and residential roof inspections. Leaking roofs, poor drainage, and clogged gutters and downspouts can lead to significant water damage inside your home or business. To help determine if you need a new roof, we will conduct an outside and inside roof inspection. Inspecting a roof from the outside is very complicated. It is required that a qualified roof inspector get onto the roof and check the roof for material degradation, granular loss, impact from hail or foreign objects and wind damage i.e.(bent, broken or missing shingles).

Following is a checklist of problems that we will look for during an indoor roof inspection:

Sagging wood or metal deck material between the rafters. If the decking is sagging or deteriorating, the decking will also require replacement when a new roof is installed. If outside light can be seen through the roof, this is indicative of a roofing issue that needs to be resolved by a Haag certified Micron Construction Service technician. Signs of leaking in the attic will include: (dark spots in the wood, especially around vents, chimneys, and other holes to the roof). We can test dark spots in the wood to decide if they are old or current problems. If the spot is still wet, or if it is soft, the spot is a current problem. If the spot is dry and hard, it is most likely an old problem. Signs of water damage or leaking (usually in the form of water stains, or sagging ceilings), could be due to an active leak in the roof or condensation caused by poor roof ventilation. If any these signs exists, you need immediate roof repairs or a new roof.

Micron Construction has a certified Haag Engineering inspector on staff to assist in the evaluation of damaged roofs. Haag Engineering is one of the most respected firms in the United States that specializes in the analysis of failure and damage.

With over three decades of experience, the experts at Micron Construction Services offer the know-how to do the job right the first time. We strive to keep our customers happy. We take pride in our work and ensure that your needs are met according to the job plan. You can count on us to complete your project with professionalism, technical expertise and service after the job is complete.

As a premier storm, fire and water damage restoration firm with decades of global experience, we bring a strong work ethic to every one of our projects and utilize the latest innovation and technological advances. We pay close attention to details and make a concerted effort to fully understand the desired result. For a no hassle risk free assessment of your restoration project feel free to contact us at (404) 939-7105. We look forward to serving your needs.

We use licensed subcontractors when required