Why Choose Micron Construction Services?

As a premier storm, fire and water damage restoration firm with decades of global experience, we bring a strong work ethic to every one of our projects and utilize the latest innovation and technological advances. We pay close attention to details and make a concerted effort to understand the desired result. Unlike many other construction contractors, our sales process is informative and consultative, not the high-pressure, one-call close approach. We find that the more educated and informed our customers are, the smoother the project runs and the more likely we are to gain referral business.

It is very important for a contractor to listen and gain an understanding of your needs and desires. While discussing your project with us, we will listen to your ideas and suggest ways to make them work. We will share with you examples of how we have solved similar challenges and answer any questions that you might have regarding your restoration project.

Each and every project that Micron Construction Services does is supervised by a highly competent, knowledgeable and professional Project Manager. Shortly after you approve the contract, your Project Manager will meet with you and go over every step of the project to confirm the projects details. Your Project Manager will even schedule a date and time when you will meet with him to final walk your project and ensure your total and complete satisfaction.

We use licensed subcontractors when required